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  • Welcome to Alpha Hygiene.
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Welcome to Alpha Hygiene.

We provide a range of hygiene products and services designed to support your business and facilities.

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Why choose Alpha Hygiene.

The word ‘Hygiene’ forms part of everyday healthy living essential in promoting the well being and the maintaining of a high level of cleanliness.

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Our team is ready for you.

Preserving a healthy and clean environment while maximizing the return on your cleaning and hygiene system investment is our principle.

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We always keep you updated.

The world of facilities management is dynamic and Alpha Hygiene understands our customers needs to keep abreast of all information that could add value to their business.

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We Care

We care about our customers, our staff and in providing you with green solutions.

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Sunday, 20 Aug 2017


Protect your Health

Protect your Health

Hands are the most exposed part of the body to germs. Touching the eyes, mouth, nose or food transfers the germs into the body. Antibiotics don’t cure viral infections like colds, flu, or...

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